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Behemoth 2014

A few years ago I did a silkscreen print of this here sea beast (which you can see here). Although it was kind of cool looking, it certainly didn’t turn out like I’d hoped (most of the detail was lost in the printing process due to my not using a screen with a high enough …

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This is a character created by Rob Liefeld, drawn by Eric Shonborn and colored by me. This was super fun for me to do for two reasons. First because I sincerely love Liefeld’s character designs and second because this is the first time I’ve colored a piece of Eric’s art (he’s colored plenty of mine). …

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Rarin’ To Go!!

I drew this fella while watching the X-Files on dvd with my beautiful ladyfriend Kathleen. Life is good sometimes!


This is a drawing I submitted for (I hope) publication in an upcoming issue of the fantastic Andromeda anthology comics zine. I also just sold the original art for $30… which almost filled up my gas tank.

Garry with two “r”s

This is a drawing I did a while ago while my girlfriend and I were watching Toy Story 3. Today I colored it and named him Garry with two “r”s.