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Batman Day

Saturday September 23rd is Batman Day! And to celebrate I finished this tribute to Dick Sprang that I’ve been working on for awhile (or more accurately began working on, quit for a year, and then picked back up after I moved). Dick Sprang was an amazing guy (look him up, in addition to a comics …

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The Batman

My good friend Eric and I looked through my Batman comic collection tonight and then I drew this sketch. These things happen.

Atomic Batteries To Power!

Now that it’s finally on dvd, my friends Eric and Bambi are watching every episode of the 1960’s Batman tv series and reviewing it on a brand new podcast called ‘Atomic Batteries To Power!’ Eric is a longtime fan of the show and Bambi is watching them for the first time ever! If you like …

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You Are My Superhero

For anyone who likes superheroes you’ve got to visit the Dayton Art Institute’s “You Are My Superhero” exhibit! It features original artwork, animation cells, costumes, comic books and comic book ephemera spanning the history of the super powered hero (and even his non-superpowered predecessors like Zorro and the Lone Ranger). For some reason I was …

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My buddy Eric and I recently watched the Superman Batman Public Enemies dvd and felt inspired to do our own renditions of the characters. Make sure to check out his post at www.shonborn.net.