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The Bewildering

Watch out for…The Bewildering. (art from The Legends of Elfinwild #1 by Pasquale D. Gabriele)

Read More Comics!

Everyone should read more comics, it’s true. And if you’re looking for one to try out I highly recommend Dark Horse’s Black Hammer written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Dean Ormston (with incredible colors by Dave Stewart and the best letters in the business by the one and only Todd Klein)! Black Hammer has …

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Slinging Some Comics in Lakewood

Last weekend was Genghis Con in scenic Lakewood, Ohio and I went there to sell some comics and become a millionaire. Above you can see the sweet show space that was on the second floor of an old warehouse called the Lake Erie Building. My pal Nate McDonough was there… As were the fellas from …

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Genghis Con 2015

This poster by Derf pretty much says it all. Comic show. Cleveland. The Sunday just after Thanksgiving. Should be fun! Stop by and say hello! You can also give me money and I’ll give you comics… no pressure though. For more info check out the show’s website here.

Space 2015

Here are some of the sweet books I picked up at Space this weekend. If you missed it, you totally missed it!!! It was a great show and you should definitely consider going next year. I got to meet Joseph Tenney, Joyce Brabner and Matt Kish (all of which were awesome)! It was also nice …

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