Read More Comics!

Everyone should read more comics, it’s true. And if you’re looking for one to try out I highly recommend Dark Horse’s Black Hammer written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Dean Ormston (with incredible colors by Dave Stewart and the best letters in the business by the one and only Todd Klein)!

Black Hammer has an amazingly diverse cast of characters including Talky-Walky and Colonel Weird (featured in the artwork above).

As of this post there are only two issues out so you should be able to track them down pretty easily.

Now turn off your computer and go read some comics already!

UPDATE! On 12/21/16 Black Hammer #6 featured this pin-up in the letters column!


    • Eric on August 22, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    I will read more comics! Except for this one. Fucking bossy robots.

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