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Cheese Heads #4

This is a cover recreation I did of Cheese Heads #4 by Nick Craine published by Tragedy Strikes Press in 1992. Cheese Heads is one of my favorite small press books. It has wonderful surreal characters, an atmosphere of mystery and quirky sense of humor that, coupled with Craine’s art, create a one of a …

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My Friend Goo

Goo was an awesome cat. Nineteen years ago he came to live with me and brought with him a friendship that has been unparalled in my life. He passed away early this morning in my arms and tonight I did this drawing to honor his memory. It’s based on the cover to the Sonic Youth …

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The first photo is all of the published comics I’ve written or drawn in my forty years of being (five of which I only did half the artwork for with a friend/collaborator drawing the other half). The second photo is of the anthologies and other publications where my work has appeared. I’ve had a blast …

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Squad Car APA

My pal Joseph Tenney recently asked me to submit something for his new zine Squad Car and I was delighted to do so. Pictured above is the cover to issue two by Tyrone Kinard. Inside the book is an eclectic mix of art and comics from a bunch of talented folk and also myself. I …

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Krazy Kat

Today at We Care Arts our assignment was to paint a “whimsical animal” and the first thing that came to mind was George Herriman’s classic comic strip. If you’ve never read it I higjly recommend rem-a-ding the sit-you-ay-shun.