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Pressed Tongue

Homage to one of my all time favorite artists in the world of comics (or anywhere else)… Dave Cooper. This is my rendition of the cover to issue three of his book ‘Pressed Tongue’ published by Fantagraphics back in the ’90’s. Below is the original by Cooper.


My depiction of the criminally overlooked Golden Age comic book character created by Fletcher Hanks.Hope yr Halloween is spooky fun and creepy weird!

Samson #1

Samson #1 by writer/artist Don Stephenson will be hitting the shelves in June. Don asked me to color the cover and the above is the result. I love Don’s artwork and it was really fun to color. Be sure to check it out next month! For further info about this and other great Sparkle Comics …

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Captain America #107

Jack Kirby. Can you measure how much he contributed to the world of comics? Probably more than anyone in the history of the medium. Here is my homage to The King. The expression on Cap’s face the same one I had upon hearing the news that my country had elected Donald Trump as president. I …

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Crickets #4

Crickets by cartoonist Sammy Harkham is easily the best ongoing comic series I have read in twenty years. It’s not for everyone, but sometimes it genuinely feels like it was made just for me. It looks like it could’ve been drawn yesterday or a hundred years ago (even though the story is set in the …

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