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Krazy Kat

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Today at We Care Arts our assignment was to paint a “whimsical animal” and the first thing that came to mind was George Herriman’s classic comic strip.

If you’ve never read it I higjly recommend rem-a-ding the sit-you-ay-shun.

George Herriman

Monday, July 20th, 2009

The only drawing I’ve done this week is on the comic I’m finishing up… so I figured I’d just post this portrait of George Herriman I did a few months back. I read about 8 years of George’s ‘Krazy Kat’ strip last year and highly recommend it to everyone. George was somehow capable of fusing slapstick comedy, surrealism, and a sharp literay wit into a weekly strip that was beautifully drawn to boot. ‘Krazy Kat’ ran from 1913 to the early ’30s and hasn’t lost any of its innovation or relevance in the last 80 years. I mean… it’s no Garfield… but what is I ask you? What is?