October 2008 archive

Veggie Dog Saturn #1

This is the first issue of my autobiographical comic series Veggie Dog Saturn. This one features heartbreak, garage sales and drunken bike riding. Printed on newsprint. $2.00 postpaid from the address at the bottom of this page or through paypal (veggiedogsaturn@gmail.com).

Veggie Dog Saturn #2

SOLD OUT! Issue two is the story of my adventures as a limousine driver. Printed on newsprint with a hand colored cardstock cover. $2 postpaid to the address at the bottom of this page.

Super Friends

This is a recreation of the cover to the first comic book I remember owning. I probably read this thing a hundred times.

Self Portrait

Look, it’s me.

A Helping Hand

An unpublished comic I did for my school newspaper.