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Squad Car APA

My pal Joseph Tenney recently asked me to submit something for his new zine Squad Car and I was delighted to do so. Pictured above is the cover to issue two by Tyrone Kinard. Inside the book is an eclectic mix of art and comics from a bunch of talented folk and also myself. I …

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Krazy Kat

Today at We Care Arts our assignment was to paint a “whimsical animal” and the first thing that came to mind was George Herriman’s classic comic strip. If you’ve never read it I higjly recommend rem-a-ding the sit-you-ay-shun.


This is a sweet new mini comic written by Billy Mckay and drawn by 25 artists (including myself)! Billy wrote and colored this glorious tale of a monster born from a volcano who can change shape at will. Each page is drawn by a different artist who depicts their unique version of the monster as …

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The Mighty Thor

A friend of mine had a birthday yesterday, so I drew this for him.

Batman Day

Saturday September 23rd is Batman Day! And to celebrate I finished this tribute to Dick Sprang that I’ve been working on for awhile (or more accurately began working on, quit for a year, and then picked back up after I moved). Dick Sprang was an amazing guy (look him up, in addition to a comics …

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