Witchcraft the Conjuring

So after working at a comic book shop for two decades I decided to make a mini-comic parodying the experience (especially a certain collectible card game that we sold). The result is Witchcraft the Conjuring, a 28 page comic that depicts the true life tragedy that can happen when an insidious card game infects a mild mannered comic book shop.

When I finished it I showed the cover to my pal Eric who said he thought he could add some tweaks here and there. What he did was amazing… I’m so happy with the way the cover turned out (especially if you compare it with my version).

Regular version available for $4 postpaid to the address at the bottom of this page (or by paypal to veggiedogsaturn@gmail.com )

Also available as a Collector’s Edition featuring sharp corners (as opposed to the rounded regular edition) and hand signed and numbered from an extremely limited edition of only 7 copies (featuring a full color Witchcraft the Conjuring trading card drawn on the inside front cover) for only $10 ea!

Here’s a sample interior page for your enjoyment:


    • Eric on March 5, 2014 at 1:16 pm


  1. Hey Jason, just read the comic, hugely entertaining, and a great ending. Thanks for offering it to me for free, I simply had to turn down the offer, I’d already glanced at the first few pages and saw what a joy it was.

    • Jewell on September 13, 2014 at 7:55 pm

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