Leonard Cohen

I’m doing a series of ‘Lil Portraits of some (kind of) famous people. Who knows… maybe you would like to buy one? They’re tiny. Roughly 3.5″ x 3.5″ on bristol board but I’d be happy to vary the size based on your needs. I’ll do any person you want (even John Wayne Gacy or Bono) and mail it to you for a reasonable price. Contact me and we can work out the details.

The first Leonard Cohen song I ever heard was Everybody Knows. It was in the film Pump Up The Volume which I saw when I was probably about twelve years old. Even though I loved that song for some reason I never bought any of his albums until years later when I saw another film featuring his music… Natural Born Killers.

There were two or three of his songs in that film and they were all fantastic. I went out and bought a best of Leonard Cohen cd which held me over for quite some time.

Then just a couple of years ago I found a used copy of his Live In London double album and decided to pick it up. Without a doubt it has become one of my all time favorite cds and I listen to it all the time while I draw. His voice… his lyrics… his music… he’s one of the best.

If I’m one tenth as awesome when I’m 79 I’ll be happy.