There’s a great comic book called THB by Paul Pope that for some reason is completely out of print (and no trade paperback is available as of yet). If you ever see any back issues for sale I strongly suggest picking them up as they are amazing. The artwork is stellar and the futuristic Martian world Paul created for these characters is beautiful and disturbing.

Anyway, my friend Roger asked me to draw one of the inspectors from the series for him but I got carried away and ended up doing these four panel recreations. Clockwise from top left are THB, H R Watson, The Buranchist and Inspector Peters. I tried to copy Paul’s style but I have to say I didn’t quite get it. His brushy linework is in a league of its own.


    • Eric on June 14, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    You fixed ’em! Looks good! I like the top-hat guy

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