Carl Rodd (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)

I recently finished watching the Twin Peaks DVDs and was disappointed to find out that it just leaves you hanging… no closure to the storyline. I guess they planned to do another season or film… but it just never happened. Anyway, last weekend I did this drawing of Carl Rodd, the trailer park manager in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me as played by Harry Dean Stanton (one of my absolute favorite actors). I also just found out (while tooling around on e-bay) that they released a cassette of all of Special Agent Dale Cooper’s recorded messages to Diane… so if you’re a Twin Peaks nerd you might wanna track that down. Should be a pretty fun listen.

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3 Responses to “Carl Rodd (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me)”

  1. patrick says:

    Where's my goddamn hot water carl?

  2. Eric Shonborn says:

    Wow. That's absolutely an amazing job there.

  3. oliviaq says:

    wow jason, you never cease to amaze me :) hope you are well.