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Veggie Dog Saturn Tijuana Bible Special

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

I’m so excited to announce this new comic that’s going to be released at SPACE in Columbus later this month! It’s the Veggie Dog Saturn Tijuana Bible Special and it chronicles every sexual experience I’ve ever had starting in grade nine all the way up to just last week!

That’s right, some autobiographical cartoonists like Chester Brown and Joe Matt have been doing these kind of explicit stories for years but they’ve never had the cajones to use the actual names and likenesses of the ladies involved. Well I for one think the time is nigh for an autobiographical story the reveals all… and boy do I mean ALL!

Inside you’ll find stories such as “Handcuffed Hottie”, “Teenaged Tart”, “Wal-Mart Bathroom”, “Pep Rally Peepshow”,”The Backdoor Twins” and “Uncle Tim”.

Don’t miss this sexxxy mini-comic that debuts at SPACE on April 21st in Columbus! And don’t let the fact that it’s a mini-comic fool you… it’s not the size of the comic but how much gratuitous real life sex action inside that matters!

Don’t miss it!