May 2015 archive

The Black Hood

Even though the Black Hood is a World War II era character, the first time I became aware of him was when DC’s Impact comics brought the title back in the early ’90’s. Like most hero comics from that era he had a categorical look complete with exaggerated actiony uniform and lots of weapons. Jump …

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This is gonna be my money maker.

After We Shot the Grizzly

This new mini-comic is my adaptation of one of my favorite songs by The Handsome Family. The words are the lyrics to the song of the same title from their Last Days of Wonder LP (with songs about Nikola Tesla, bowling alley bars, ghosts and falling in love with strangers at airports it is a …

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Why I Love Yellow Springs

This is an actual conversation I overheard while Kathleen and I were shopping at my favorite bookstore in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Pickerington Comics Jam

Yesterday some of us exhibiting at the comics show at the Pickerington library did this jam comic (of which I did the opening panel). I’m not sure who all contributed as it was passed around the room but it ended with Stephen Hines finishing it up! Fun was had! Comics were drawn! Good times!