The Black Hood

Even though the Black Hood is a World War II era character, the first time I became aware of him was when DC’s Impact comics brought the title back in the early ’90’s. Like most hero comics from that era he had a categorical look complete with exaggerated actiony uniform and lots of weapons.

Jump to 2015 and The Black Hood is again being published, this time under the Archie Dark Circle moniker and let me tell you (much to my surprise) I think it’s amazing! I say “much to my surprise” because I typically don’t like dark and gritty hero comics. But this one works. It’s so well written and the art matches the story perfectly.

It’s so good in fact that I was inspired to do the above piece of fan art (although this is clearly based on the ’90’s version of the character).

My good friend Eric Shonborn was also inspired to do some Black Hood art and we actually drew them side by side on my couch last night. Good times! Check out Eric’s version here.

Originally I was going to go into more detail about this top notch character’s creator and publication history but ultimately decided to shorten the post. Feel free to read more about those things here.