This American Life



So as a long time listener of the This American Life radio program on NPR I was delighted at the discovery I made at the library yesterday (that’s right, I listen to NPR and frequent my local library… you wanna start some $#!*?). It was a dvd of a television series of the same program. I checked it out and this morning decided to watch the first episode while eating breakfast. I had no idea what Ira Glass looked like, having only ever heard his program on the radio, and I discovered, to my surprise and horror, that he looks much more like the drawing on the left than the one on the right (as I’d always visualized him).

It may take awhile for me to come to terms with this and if you pass me on the street a comforting word or sympathetic hug would be greatly appreciated. For now all I can do is hope that if the Car Talk guys actually look like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum… I never find out.