Radio Days


In case you’re unaware there is an awesome radio show called Kaleidoscope hosted by Juliet Fromholt every Wednesday at 8pm. She spins some wax and invites musicians, filmmakers and artists to stop by and talk about their work (and in the case of the musicians play a live set).

I was invited to stop in this Wednesday June 26th to talk comics and you should totally listen! If you’re here in the Dayton area you can tune in to WYSO at 91.3 FM or if you’re in another part of the world you can find it online at



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2 Responses to “Radio Days”

  1. kurt says:

    I listened to the last little bit, very cool my man. But what? No F-bombs?!

  2. jason says:

    That’s cool that you listened, thanks. And I used them all up on Guttertrash.