Day Off Diary-March 10th

I took today off to go to Richmond, Indiana for Margie Baren’s funeral. She was married to my friend John Baren and although I’d only met her a handful of times she was one of those rare people that you’re instantly comfortable around and never disappointed by. Always full of energy, opinion and humor.

I realize that many who follow my blog have differing religious beliefs than mine but if you’re so inclined please pray for John as he struggles through the loss of this wonderful person with whom he wasn’t ready to let go.


  1. She wanted Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” played at her funeral? That’s all kinds of awesome. I pray God comforts John’s heart in his time of grief. It sounds like Margie died way too young. My heart goes out to him, and despite how awful this time is, I hope he “won’t back down,” either.

    By-the-by, Black Tea IS likely the best mini-comic ever. I’m thoroughly enjoying them. Thanks for the tip, and don’t think I didn’t notice Martin’s mentioning you in issue 3. ;)

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