Day Off Diary-Feb. 5th

After I drew this one I realized in the final “panel” it looks like I’m wearing some of those sweatpants with a word printed on the ass. Although I’ve never actually worn those kind of sweatpants I now know what I’ll get printed on them if I do.

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4 Responses to “Day Off Diary-Feb. 5th”

  1. Eric says:

    We will never hang out again if you do.

  2. Bathsheba says:

    I would to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jason for not only watching a few minutes of the Puppy Bowl with me, but for also allowing me to punch him and go “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” while we were watching.

  3. Eric says:

    I wish there was a Kitty Bowl. I would watch the shit outta that.

  4. Wheeler Hall says:

    DELISH sweatpants would be the bombdiggity!