The Uncanny Bighead

This is a parody of an Uncanny X-men cover with Jeffrey Brown’s Bighead (and supporting cast) in the place of the X-men. If you’re not familiar with his awesome body of work check out his blog here.

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7 Responses to “The Uncanny Bighead”

  1. Wheeler says:

    Brown does possess an “awesome body of work.” Your mash-up/parody is a fitting tribute.

    By-the-bye, I thought you might have put a link by now in your blog roll to Potter’s Sketchbook. He’s been posting for a few months now, and he’d appreciate the love.

  2. Wheeler says:

    Thanks, Eric. Much appreciated.

  3. Jeff says:

    Jason, I never saw the original cover you’re spoofing, but I love your piece.

    My daughter has a question about your Godzilla drawing on the Panic site. Is the man talking to Godzilla a self-portrait? She says it looks sort of like your profile picture. The combining of rendered figures with silhouettes is brilliant!

  4. shonborn says:

    Hey, Jason. Just ‘cuz I stopped updating my blog doesn’t mean you should stop updating yours.

  5. Jeff says:

    Jason, to parrot Eric, when ARE you going to put up a new post?

    Now, I saw your “Dennis the Menace” piece on Panic. It’s a work of genius– sick, twisted, and potentially dangerous genius– but genius nevertheless. I have a couple of questions about it. Is the phone number the date of the 1st published Dennis cartoon? And is there some “inside” meaning to the name of the dairy company?


  6. Jason Young says:

    Thanks for the kind words…and yes, you are right about the numbers on the side of the milk carton! March 12th, 1951 was indeed the date of the first Dennis the Menace cartoon. And Half Hitch is a reference to an earlier less successful strip also by the same artist. It seems like every time I put an inside joke in there you’re the first to Ketcham.