His Poor Mother

I was drawing a baby the other night at drawing night and I asked my buddy Eric what superhero I should turn it into. After a few suggestions he mentioned Galactus and I knew that was the one. I figured it’d be fun to see him looking cute since he always looks so menacing. I mean, do you remember that period where he wore those short-pants and STILL struck fear into everyone’s hearts? That’s what you call badass.

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3 Responses to “His Poor Mother”

  1. Eric Shonborn says:

    A giant man with a skirt/skort, rampaging barelegged through a city strikes MORE fear into my heart than if he wore pants. Kirby knew this, but Stan Lee was always keepin' him down.

  2. patrick says:

    thats an awesome texture on his galactic helm!

  3. Blogger says:

    "Did they put they hands on you?"
    –Money Talks