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The Bear

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

So, this is a sketch I did of Tone Loc as a member of Kiss for my good friend Jermie Anderson. As you may or may not know Tone Loc’s ‘Funky Cold Medina’ samples ‘Christine Sixteen’ by Kiss; a fact that Jermie recently revealed to me which was rewarded by the above sketch.

When looking for inspiration on what his makeup would be I decided to read the Tone Loc Wikipedia page (which left me concerned for the man’s health upon reading how the poor guy keeps passing out during performances… take care of yourself Tone, we love you man!). Originally I was going to go with a vinyl record pattern, but that just seemed too obvious. Then I realized he did the voice of a bear on a cartoon called ‘C Bear and Jamal’ and I knew I’d struck gold!

If it’s been awhile since you gave Loc’ed After Dark a listen, you should totally rectify that. ‘Cheeba Cheeba’ is one of my favorite weed songs ever. It’s got some funky samples and Tone talks about smoking a bong and eating lots of potato chips while watching Letterman. What’s not to love about that?

The First Era

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014


Happy 25th to King Cat!

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Saturday the 17th was the 25th anniversary of John Porcellino’s King Cat Comics! John celebrated in style by working the Spit and a Half table at Appleseed in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I too was there along with some pals of mine and good times were had by all.

Also, as luck would have it, my table neighbor was a cartoonist from Michigan by the name of R. Hendricks who makes some pretty great comics. Check them out here.

They Set About Their Work

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Lately I find that if I’m still awake at 2 am I’m more than likely working on a collage. They’re super fun to do… if you have any old magazines lying around you should totally rip one up and try it.

The Cash

Thursday, May 1st, 2014


I’ve recently began working on my first graphic novel. It’s a very different format for someone used to doing mini-comics and comic strips as it requires waiting until you’ve done over a hundred pages of art before you get any reader feedback. So I’ve decided to release a limited run of each chapter as a mini-comic (the first of which I just finished) in hopes of getting an idea whether or not this thing is going to have an audience.

It’s a story set in the late 1800’s in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio and centers around two brothers, John and Frank Patterson, struggling with the decision of what they are going to make of themselves. This first chapter depicts the beginnings of their journey as it is wrought with risks and pitfalls. This is indeed a true story that I’ve found fascinating for awhile and felt it worthy of taking the time to share with others who may not be familiar.

This first chapter (titled The Purchase) is a 22 page black and white comic with a color cover and a sticker price of $4 (postpaid in the United States). Originally I had planned on debuting it at Appleseed Con, but it looks like it will be sometime in June. If you’d like to pre-order a copy you can send payment to the address at the bottom of this page or to my paypal account which is

Below is a sample page from the first chapter depicting the Patterson brothers’ frustration after realizing the business they just purchased isn’t as solid as they were led to believe.