May 2011 archive

Robot’s big date…

Measuring in at 24″ by 32″ this is the biggest drawing I’ve ever done. It’s a one page silent story that I did for a robot themed art show a couple of years ago. I had been re-reading Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library around that time and this strip is sort of my homage to …

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Self Portrait 2

Here’s a self portrait I did while getting an oil change.


Last weekend my lovely ladyfriend Kathleen and I went to Toronto for The Toronto Comics Art Festival and had a blast. One of the highlights was meeting Chris Ware. Here’s a comic strip I drew about how that went.


This is a drawing I submitted for (I hope) publication in an upcoming issue of the fantastic Andromeda anthology comics zine. I also just sold the original art for $30… which almost filled up my gas tank.