April 2011 archive

Not My Small Diary #16

This is the first page of a three page story I did that is in the new issue of Delaine Derry Green’s awesome Not My Small Diary anthology! If you’ve ever picked up an issue of Not My Small Diary then you already know how great and diverse it is… but if not I suggest …

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Garry with two “r”s

This is a drawing I did a while ago while my girlfriend and I were watching Toy Story 3. Today I colored it and named him Garry with two “r”s.

Christopher’s Restaurant

So as luck would have it my absolute favorite restaurant on the planet is only two doors down from the store where I work. I usually end up eating there 4-6 times a week. Every week. It’s that good. But anyway, a couple of weeks ago a toddler accidentally knocked a chair into their giant …

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