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Record Store Day!

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

As you probably already know, Saturday April 19th is Record Store Day! To celebrate, I did this Revolve comic strip for your enjoyment (and as a reminder to get out there and support your local record store).

Personally, I’m most excited about the new Pixies album coming out as well as the 10″ record of unreleased Hank Williams, Sr. recordings. Unreleased Hank Williams… How cool is that?!?

To see the other swell releases and to find the nearest participating record store near you, check out the official site here.

To see more of my Revolve comic strips, pick up a copy of Telephone Magazine or (if you’re not from the greater Dayton area) visit their website here.

Witchcraft the Conjuring

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

So after working at a comic book shop for two decades I decided to make a mini-comic parodying the experience (especially a certain collectible card game that we sold). The result is Witchcraft the Conjuring, a 28 page comic that depicts the true life tragedy that can happen when an insidious card game infects a mild mannered comic book shop.

When I finished it I showed the cover to my pal Eric who said he thought he could add some tweaks here and there. What he did was amazing… I’m so happy with the way the cover turned out (especially if you compare it with my version).

Regular version available for $4 postpaid to the address at the bottom of this page (or by paypal to )

Also available as a Collector’s Edition featuring sharp corners (as opposed to the rounded regular edition) and hand signed and numbered from an extremely limited edition of only 7 copies (featuring a full color Witchcraft the Conjuring trading card drawn on the inside front cover) for only $10 ea!

Here’s a sample interior page for your enjoyment:

Pinoy Komiks

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

This is the first page of a comic I did for an upcoming charity book for victims of the typhoon that destroyed much of the Philippines in November 2013.

It’s being put together by Adam Pasion who did the Aftershock benefit anthology in 2011 for victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan and features many great cartoonists from various countries including, of course, the Philippines.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter page (which due to a strange rule about doing charity work on their page you can no longer actually mention that it’s for charity… but trust me, it is).

Help a good cause and read some good comics at the same time… what could be better?

Independent Creators Expo

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014


In a few weeks Wright State University will be hosting the first Independent Creators Expo for small press cartoonists in Dayton, Ohio! To celebrate such an awesome event that’s happening right here in my home town I’ve put this mini comic together that will debut at the show. It’s a little darker than my usual work (must be all those television programs I’ve been watching lately) so buyer beware.

Chalmers is an actual town in Indiana that I’ve driven past many times on I-65 on my visits to Chicago (it’s the town with all of those giant wind turbines in case you’ve been down that same stretch of highway). This comic book is the story of a young man from Chalmers who finds that the wind farm’s construction affects him and others in ways never intended.

This and many other awesome comics by some fantastic creators from the Dayton area and beyond will be at I.C.E. and so should you! The show will be held Saturday February 1st from 10 am – 5 pm at Wright State University’s Student Union Hall. For more information check out I.C.E.’s website here.


Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

CAKEPosterrgb13smaller.jpg (1000×1349)

I’ll be there. Table 97. Come on by and say hello and pick up a copy of the new Buyer Beware Comics publication Mewl #1 which will be debuting at CAKE.

Mewl is a collaboration between Chris Hoium and myself and I’m pretty excited about it… you should be too!